In addition to having a solid SEO program, pay per click search engine marketing (PPC) offers a way to actually buy your way to the tops of the major search engines. Studies show that a good program featuring a combination of SEO and PPC is the best way to position your company at the front and center of a broad Internet-using audience. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is where your business only pays when a user actually clicks through to your website from a text ad. We specialize in positioning your website within search engines “sponsored search” results page to achieve optimal exposure. Pay Per Click Marketing is a precise and targeted vehicle to increase internet sales. It allows you to directly interact with those actively searching for your product/services and convert them into new sales and repeat customers.

Here are some of the benefits of adding a PPC campaign to your online marketing strategy:

  • Pay per click advertising campaigns require no changes to a current site’s content or look to obtain top positions, just a willingness to pay.
  • The implementation of a pay per click campaign is relatively quick- it can take just a few minutes to start getting targeted traffic, versus sometimes months for standard SEO campaigns.
  • Correctly identifying and bidding on the most relevant search terms and phrases will result in greater “click-throughs,” or visitors clicking on your ad and then continuing to navigate through your website beyond the landing page you take them to. When this happens more guests see your message, often signing up for your newsletter and/or purchasing a product or service, or whatever else you want them to do while on your site.
  • A good PPC campaign will greatly increase your website’s visibility and brand recognition. Coupled with an SEO package from Active Web Group, pay per click advertising will put your company’s name and message in front of the very audience you’re looking to attract.

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